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Our Services

Transit Systems

Transit Systems

For public Transit Systems we provide protection for both the vehicles as well as the infrastructure, above and below the ground.

Renewable Energy

For Renewable Energy applications we offer products engineered to meet the demands of this developing industry in accordance with the life expectancy and the minimized maintenance schedules. Combining such properties as impact, abrasion and high UV resistance. Our range of products are designed to withstand harsh environments.

Robotics and Automation

For Robotics and Automation our products are manufactured to withstand the rigorous requirements of abrasion and mechanical stress for long term motion intensive applications.

Industrial Applications

For Industrial Applications applications we provide solutions to safeguard cables and wires against heat, cold, pressure stress, and other influences.

Marine and Offshore

For Marine and Offshore we provide cable protection for crew and passenger compartments, open decks, cargo compartment, masts, movable systems and the engine room.

Mining Industry

For Mining Industry our products offer outstanding self-extinguishing characteristics free of cadmium, halogen, phosphorous.

Why us?


AerosUSA was established by veterans of the cable protection industry to fill the void of customer service oriented manufacturers in North America.mall, agile, independent company whose focus is on you.


AerosUSA is the exclusive North American supplier of numerous exceptional European companies who specialize in the manufacture of conduit, connectors, cable glands, strain relief and accessories in polyamide, metal and specialized materials. These products are targeted specifically to the wind, solar, rail, machine tool and HVAC industries.


AerosUSA also provides full-service engineering, cable assembly, and electro-mechanical assembly services contracted through our state of the art facility. We have the experience and knowledge to handle any project, from the basic to the most complex control panel and closures.


AeroUSA‘s commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is reflected in our superior customer service, quick response, lead times and our guaranteed quality in every product we supply.


AerosUSA is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA where we maintain a significant inventory of products based on our customers’ requirements.


AerosUSA is at your service if you prefer to work with a small, agile, independent company whose focus is on you

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